How to Get Free spins and coins From Friends in Coin Master

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Add friends for spins and coins in Coin Master

Playing Coin Master With Friends is an amazing experience and let me tell you Why, the very first reason is that While playing this game with friends you can challenge them. Not only they are your rival but sometimes they can also help you by gifting free spins and coins in your coin master account for free. If you add a friend you will be awarded 1 spin and in a day you can get up to 100 spins from your coin master friend.

Should you add friends for free Spins and Coins

As we already mentioned to you earlier that there are a lot of benefits of adding friends to your coin master game account but the biggest benefit you can get from your friends is the Free spins and coins. This game is all about sharing and playing with your friends. You can also get these daily coin master free spins links which you can use to collect free spins daily, But then also if you feel a shortage of Spins in your account then you can ask your friends for some free spins and coins. In the game by default, there is an option to Get Free spins from your friends.

Not only this but if you also add friends to your account you can get up to 120 extra spins every day which means that you can get 50 Spins in 10 hours + 120 Spins extra if you add friends + Daily free spins which we have mentioned in the Guide above, Coming to the coins so you get up to extra 2 million coins if you add friends in the game.

But just like with the advantage there is Some Disadvantage as well, If you add many friends together there are many chances that they might raid your village and you will lose all the village which you have built.

Why should you not add people for spins and coins?

If you are a player who is using tricks to play coin master, then you can reach a good level in the game by building villages but if you are a player who has just started playing the game then we will recommend you not to add many friends once because they can easily raid your village. If you have a shortage of coins then don’t start building a village as it may get raided by other players or your friend themselves.

The best time to add friends for spins and coins

First of all, you should see how many villages you have built, When you have reached enough levels then only you should start adding a friend to your coin master game account. Adding friends in CM is easy and you can connect your Facebook account for easily adding your friends. It happens many times when you are over with your collection and you don’t have enough amount of coins and spins and coins in your stacks so that’s the time when your friends can be helpful to you. If you Don’t want to add friends then you can consider adding pets in coin master, Once you activate them you can get extra spins and coins in your Profile.

Some of your friends might target you so you can block a friend on coin master easily, It happens many times when a friend starts attacking our village continuously which cause a great loss because at a time we are allowed to stack up to 3 spins only and if all the three are over than anyone can start attacking your objects in the game.

While playing this game always remember that your friend is also your competitor in the game, You will also get a chance to attack their village and destroy it, and equally, they will get the opportunity to attack your village. So always add friends in limits because you can only get 1 spin from a friend at a time but in return, that friend can destroy your village which was built using many coins and spins.

Well these tricks are working perfectly even in 2022, Some of my friends have personally used these tricks to get the maximum coin master free spins.

So this was all about Adding friends to Your game, We hope this guide helped you to know when to add friends and when to not add friends. In case, if you have any doubt feel free to write in the comments below.

This article has been updated with the best ways to get Free Spins and Coins from Friends in Coin Master for March 2022.

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