How to Perfectly Bet in Coin Master

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The best way to Bet in coin master

If you play this game a lot then you might have encountered a term in the game saying super bet is active now. Half of the win you can get in half to half time if you play the game using the perfect bet at the perfect time. Most of the time the percent of the bet depends upon the spins you have, For eg., if you have 50 spins you can get up to 5x bet, and if you have 100 spins you can get a 10x bet. So overall it depends on the number of spins you have in your account.

Playing the game with Bet is good and bad, First, we will discuss why it is good and after that, we will tell you why it’s bad. When you Bet with any amount like 5x then you will always get the 5 times of everything you get, for instance, if you win coins master free spins today in the spinner then you will get the 5 times of that, With each win, you get around 10 spins and with the bet 5x you will get 50 Spins so it is Good some times.

Now talking about the bad things if you play using the bet, So sometimes it happens that We don’t need some times and we waste our precious spins for those items. Not take an example like if you wanted only spins, raids, and Attacks and if you get other 3 combinations or any other items like shields then it will be a wastage of your spins in the game. So it’s bad.

Now you might think that how can you play the game and when you should you use the Bets and when not, There is a pattern which the algorithm of coin master game uses. Now it’s very rare that if you get a combination of 3 spins in the tool then instantly you will get the spins again, So always remember the pattern of rewards you get. For example, if you get a set of spins after 3 other items then bet for 1x for those 3 times and then again bet with the maximum amount.

By following this pattern you can get maximum rewards without wasting many spins, however, you should always keep in mind that there is no sure shot pattern which you can follow and most of the time it is based on Assumptions. it’s always not necessary that you have to bet with maximum while you are taking part in the super bet time. We have seen many players wasting their spins while betting with the maximum in the super bet time.

How do We use Super bet?

So my Concept while playing this game is pretty simple and clear while playing the game I note down the pattern of the game. My main priority is to get maximum spins, Maximum raids, and maximum Attacks. Apart from that, I don’t use super bet for anything which in return saves me a lot of spins for future usage.

There are no specifics limits for bet at this time, The bet percentage depends upon the number of spins you have. Like if you have around 500 spins you can get 40X spins if you have fewer spins then you will get less amount of bet you can play with.

No matter how much you bet for, Always make sure for what you are doing that. Some users just want to stack many spins so it is recommended that you don’t use bet if you want to stack your spins. If you want to get a lot of coins to build villages then you can always bet and play the game for a longer time.

Many pro players in the game, play the game in different ways if you also have any suggestions on How to use the super bet then you can write to us in the comments section below and we will also include that in future articles. Also if you have any doubt feel free to write them down in the comments section below.

This article has been updated with the latest tricks to Perfectly Bet on Coin Master for September 2021.

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