Boom Villages List in Coin Master

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Boom Villages in Coin master

Boom villages in coin master are one of the most demanded villages in the game. This is one of the first villages in the game where you get rare and gold cards that’s why this village is one of the very famous villages in the game. Coin master won’t tell in which village you should spend more time to get extra rewards, but as we have played the game so much that we can tell you which villages in the game are boom villages where you should spend more time.

Chests should be Bought in the villages

Many people just use coins to make the village complete and they ignore the biggest part of this game, you can buy chests in every village. The main concept of buying chests in coin master is to get rare and gold cards. However, it is also not necessary that you will get rare cards in every chest so always make sure that you buy chest only when you are sure. If you buy chests in Boom villages then there are more chances of getting rare and gold cards.

Some cards are so much rare that even if you play the game daily it is not sure that you will get those cards for sure. Also as these cards are rare so they can’t be traded with other players so all you need to do is just keep playing the game and one day for sure you will get all the rare cards, Some of the players also get out of spins so they can get free spins by coin master and they can continue playing the game.

Get Rare cards in boom Villages

As we already said that the biggest reason why boom villages are so much popular is that they can offer you some very rare cards which you can’t get by playing the game in simple villages. Not every village but some villages like Village 5 are the best villages to spend some time and keep buying chests. Believe it or not but chests are the ultimate key to get rare cards and gold cards.

Coin master boom Village List

Please remember that not all the villages are boom villages and therefore you can’t also expect rare cards and gold cards in every village. So the best boom villages are listed below. Also, it is not sure that you will always get rare cards in all the villages, But the probability of getting gold cards and rare cards in the boom villages are very higher.


Starts from – 5 7 10 13
15 17 20 22
27 30 34 35
37 40 45 47
49 50 51 55
57 60 61 62
65 75 79 83
87 90 93 95
98 102 105 107
110 112 115 117
122 125 127 130
135 136 138 140
141 142 143 This is the Boom Village

Best Villages List in Coin Master

As we already said that you the list given above is not the full list and if you want to know all the villages list then you can see this guide where we have given a complete list of the best villages in the coin master game. Also, there is no guaranteed way to find which village will give you the best rare cards and gold cards.

If you keep playing the game by tactics then it will be very beneficial because most of the players run behind completing the village by just building them but they miss the most of that village and they also forget that cards are also one of the most important parts of the game and they should complete sets of cards to get most out of the game.

Do you Also Know the list of best villages for cards in coin master?

Please tell us if you also know the list of best villages for cards in the coin master game. There are many players in the game who just keep playing this game, and just because they play this game for a very long time they know the best villages for rare cards in the coin master game. So this was all about the list of best villages and boom villages in the coin master game. We hope this guide helped you, also if you have any doubts feel free to write them down in the comments section below.

This article has been updated with the latest list of Boom Villages in Coin Master for September 2021.

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