Change Date in Coin Master For Free Spins

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Coin Master Date Change Free Spins

Yeah, it is also one of the best ways to get free spins without doing any task, You all guys might be thinking that Coin master has many tricks and you can easily play this game? You may be right but not 100% because to know and understand this game you have to understand that the more you play, only you will know what are the best-hidden tricks in this game and how you can change the date for free spins in the coin master game.

If you are a player in the game you might know that there are certain things which you get daily like the food for pets, the reward calendar, and a lot more things. Now there are two types of people out of which one is who waits for free spins and other rewards and another one is who uses these coin master free spins daily. But there is also a limit for free spins daily by the link you can get up to 60 free links and by default you get 50 spins. So in total, you get around 110 links daily apart from any other additional features.

Now if you change the date in the coin master game you can get all the rewards again filled up with many new spins and free rewards, So in this guide, we will show you the easiest way of coin master date change free spins.

How to Change Date in Coin Master for free spins

Steps are very easy and anyone can follow the steps to change the date in the game, Now many people are confused with the fact that they need to change the date in the game or in the phone. So follow all the steps given below to use this trick.

  • First of all, Force close the coin master app from your Phone, Or You can also Reboot your smartphone
  • Now Head over to settings > Date and Time settings
Android phone Change date in coin master
Change date in coin master
  • Now change the Date to 1 day forward. For example, if today is 06.05.2020 then you have to set it to 07.05.2020
Move date 1 day forward
Change date in coinmaster
  • Now Save the new Date and Open the coin master game.
  • That’s all !!! this is the easiest way to get Extra free spins and coins without waiting for 1 whole day.
  • You repeat these steps again if you want to get some extra more spins.

Do you know any trick to Get more coins and spins in the game?

As there are many active players in the game so everyone might surely know some of the tricks with which they play the game, So if you also know some tricks and you wish to share with our reader then you can tell us the ways which you use to get more coins and spins in the game.

Also If you are out of spins then you can also ask any of your friends to give you some more spins, By doing this you can play for some more time. But if you are just adding friends so that you can get some more spins then there is a disadvantage of that as well. Sometimes your friends choose to revenge on you and they attack your village. If they attack your village they can steal a great number of coins from your account, so it is totally upon you to think which is more worth it, the free spins or the village.

How do We Play the game?

Frankly speaking, while playing the game we are in no hurry of building villages, Rather we invest some time in buying chests and then looking for some rare cards. Rare cards are very rare to find and while building the villages you might or might not get rare cards.

So the best way to get rare cards in coin master is by buying gold and magical chests, Gold cards can be easily grabbed from a golden chest and if you get one gold card then you are too lucky because the value of a gold card is very much compared to other simple cards in the game.

So this is how we play the game, I hope you are clear with the doubt to change the date in the coin master game, We hope now you can play the game without interruption. Also if you have any doubt you can comment down and our official team will reply back.

This article has been updated with the latest tricks to Change the Date in Coin Master for Free Spins for September 2021.

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