Coin Master Big Raid Tricks

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Big raids in Coin Master

Big raids in the coin master game are a way to get the maximum amount of coins and other items while you raid on other player’s villages. The best way to get the biggest raids is by using your pets in Coin master, while raiding any village make sure that you take foxy along with you. Foxy will help you to get the maximum amount of free coins while raiding other villages, also if you have set the bet to maximum then you can get a big amount of free coins and spins.

A maximum bet will Give Maximum Rewards

By default the bet is set at 1X, the bet is directly connected to Spins used while playing the game. For example, if you have a bet set at 1X then your spins used will be 1x but if you set the bet at 2x then you will get double the reward but also 2 spins will be used at that time. So if you are planning to play at maximum bet then you have to stack at least 1000 Free spins in coin master so that you can bet up to a maximum of 10X, Now if you set at 10X then you will be able to roll the spinner for only 100 times however the rewards will also be multiplied to 10.

In case if you are short of free spins then you can get your daily Coin Master free spins and use them while playing the game. Also, Don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you can get Notifications on time whenever a new spin is released.

Spend Wisely In The Game

Most of us play the game very intelligently. However, if you don’t spend the coins wisely you may end up losing all the coins for useless raids, The best way to check is that always check that how many coins does the upcoming player has, suppose the player has 10 million coins then only try to spin for getting raids. Also if you don’t see the coins of the next player then it is a wastage of your spins.

Foxy is the best Pet in Coin Master

Foxy is considered the best pet in coin master for a reason, the foxy will help you to get the maximum amount of free coins in your account while playing the game. Usually the foxy has a default rate of up to 22% more raid rewards but you can upgrade your pets in coin master by winning Xp in events. Also foxy is the easiest pet you can get in the Coin master game and all other pets will be hatched when you collect their cards and complete the full beast set in the coin master game.

Big Raids Can Waste Your Spins

Sometimes big raids may seem very good to you because they have a huge amount of free coins, But as always said that too much greed can give you loss. Suppose you are investing a lot amount on trying to get big raids but you don’t get many coins in Exchange so it will be a waste of spins for you. So Always think twice before investing in Big raids and make sure that you bet to a minimum of 1x so that you don’t waste too many Spins expecting for a big raid to happen. Also if you are very keen on getting big raid chances then always notice the pattern between spins and Attacks and play according to that.

Coin Master Stack Coins Limit

Coins and spins are the biggest assets in the game, with spins you can get many items, and with coins, you can build your own village and rank higher in the game. There is a twist in this game, sometimes to win big you have to lose in the raid. Also to get a good amount of raids you have to make your chests full stack with coins, By doing this you will be able to stack a great number of coins in your coin master game.

Also, there is one more valid reason which may sound weird to you but it is true, There are many people who have a great pile of coins, and suppose you don’t have many coins so they don’t like to get raided by a coin master player who doesn’t have many coins in his pile. so to make your reputation good among other people make sure that you stack enough coins and then start raiding other villages.

Second Account in Coin Master Can be Boon For you

You might already know that there is a way to create a baby account in the coin master game, if you don’t know then you can see our detailed guide. The second account can help you in many ways like you can exchange coins from one account to another you can exchange spins from one account to another. Now when you have another account you can raid each other with a 60X 70x bet. So this is also a wise idea to create a new account in the coin master game.

So this was all about big raids in the Coin master game, we hope this guide helped you. In case if you have any doubt feel free to write them down in the comments section below.

This article has been updated with the latest tricks to play big raids in the Coin Master Game for September 2021.

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