Best Coin Master Tricks and Tips 2022

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Coin Master Tricks 2022 Everyone Should Follow

Coin Master Tips and Tricks 2022 is now available for our users. We have spent Around 10 Days figuring out these tips and tricks for our Readers and Users. Also, We just hope that this Guide will help you ace this game easily. In this guide we will List some of the most useful tricks which you can even use in 2022, We At Openmata just recommend you that bookmark our web to get all the Latest Tips and Tricks related to Coin master game.

Trick 1:) How to Send More than 5 Cards Per Day trick

There are many players out there who wait for tips and tricks for this game, So the first trick we will tell you is to send more than 5 cards per day. So basically in coin master, you can share Cards with your friends every day But unfortunately, the number of cards is limited to only 5 cards per day. So in this Trick, we will show you the Trick to Send more than 5 cards per day in the Coin Master game. So to Make the Trick Work follow the Steps Given below :

Trick to Send more than 5 Cards per Day in Coin master

  • First of all, Send all the cards to your friends for the Respective day
  • Now Go to the Settings on your Android phone
  • Now Head over to Date and Time Settings
  • Now Forward the date or time to 1 day Ago or next.
  • Now Open the Coin Master game and that’s all !! You will be able to send more than 5 Cards per day to your friends.
  • Also, there is one more way with which you Can Send more than 5 cards in 1 Day is by Deleting the game and then Downloading it again.

How to Get Coins in All three Holes trick

So the Second trick which we will tell you for the coin master game is a two-finger trick for getting the Last treasure in the hole. So if you have ever played Coin master then you might know that there is a term called the raid, So when you raid you get the first two holes right, But in this trick, we will show you the method to get the Third hole also right. So you might be wondering how it is possible so is possible by the two-finger trick however this trick will only work when your phone supports multi-finger touch, So all you need to do is when you have opened the first 2 holes, Keep your finger remain on them and then try to touch the 3rd hole with the third finger. Doing this will let you get some extra prize in the third hole as well.

Get free spins in Coin Master

So this is the most asked trick by our users, So many of you might already want to get Free spins in your coin master account So you can also get Free Spins in coin master by visiting this link and after that, you will know the full trick to get Free spins and coins in coin master game easily.

Super Betting trick in Coin Master

This trick only works when you have a lot of coins in your account and you are able to Bet higher, This usually works like 100 Spins a time but if you are a Vip then you can bet with 500 Spins and during the blaster mode you can bet around 200 Spins a time which is undoubtedly good, But there is a Twist in this also like if you use all your spins then you will be limited to Maximum 3 spins a time, So the trick here is that don’t under 60 Spins because up to then you will be able to choose all your spins altogether.

Keep Pet Active to Get Maximum rewards and Coins

This is very simple and mostly everyone knows it, So if you keep your pet active it will give you extra powers for four hours, Now if you can’t play for 4 hours together then feeding pets is just a waste of time. So we will just recommend you to only feed your pet when you are willing to play for a long time, Also Coin master by default provides around 15 minutes of pet power free so you can use it when you feel you are playing the game for a short span of time.

Why You should buy chest in every village

So now when you follow our trick to buy Chest in every village trick you can Literally buy a chest in every village of coin master game, So all you need to do is Play the Game for at least 6 hours daily, and while playing the game keep your pet active to get Extra power for 4 hours. Every village has a different chest and some of the villages have a golden chest which is very rare. So when you buy different chests in every village you increase your chances of Getting More Spins and Coins.

How to Become Vip Player in Coin Master

To Become a Vip player in coin master is a dream come true for almost every coin master lover, So in this guide, we will show you the trick to Become a VIP player in coin master you need to be officially invited by the Coin master game itself and that requires a good gaming reputation. however, we have a trick for you here as well it is noticed that a player who plays and opens the app daily is expected to get invited sooner compared to any other player who doesn’t play the game too much.

Many More Coin master cheats are added in the guide, You can follow all of them to get maximum benefit to playing the coin master game. All the tricks in the game are personally verified by us and they work most of the time without any issue.

You can Now also Enter the Ghost mode by following our Ghost mode guide, Basically, this mode hides you from every other player in the game, Now when you are hidden you don’t need to care about your village getting attacked or destroyed.

How to Join A Team in Coin Master

One of the latest Coin Master tricks is to join the Coin Master Team. If you’re a part of a group, you can offer each other free spins and trading cards. This is very simple. When you play with your team, you can receive amazing chest prizes in challenges for teams. If you’re interested in joining the team, it’s beneficial to look at the number of stars. This is typically measured in measure of the number of players.

How to Play With Multiple Accounts in Coin Master

Many people have another Facebook account through which they are able to Coin Master. These accounts are referred to as baby accounts. These accounts are often used to obtain additional rare or gold cards, in particular when they have a high level of progress on their primary account and have missed out on rare or gold-colored cards. To open a new account with Coin Master you have to have an additional Facebook account. For switching between accounts, some users use an app cloner. This way, they can use different variants that use Coin Master and Facebook on the same device. Others utilize different gadgets. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to uninstall the app, create a new accounts on Facebook and then install Coin Master again.

So this was all about Some tricks and tips for the coin master game, We hope these tricks worked well for you. In case if you have any doubt you can always comment down in the comments section below and our official team will get back to you shortly.

This article has been updated with the latest Coin Master Tips and Tricks for September 2022.

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