How to Get Free Pet Food On Coin Master

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Get Free Food for Pets in Coin Master

So do you want to get free pet food in coin master? If yes then you are at the right place. Today in this guide we will show you the best ways to Get Free pet food on coin master. If you play coin master then you might already know the real importance of Pets in coin master, if not then you should read this guide till the end.

Pets are Virtual players in the game who also play with us, But if your pet is not active then you won’t be able to use it because you need food for pet in coin master. There are two ways with which you can easily get free food for pets in coin master, the First one is to wait for 24 hours and you will get Food and after that, you can earn free food by playing events and completing sets.

Just like these coin master free spins, many users want free pet food in coin master, Once you give food to your pet you can use them for 4 hours. But after 4 hours again you have to feed your pet to Activate it. Now coming to the main part on how to get free food for pets in coin master so follow the steps given below.

Get Coin Master Food for Free

Some users may say that getting free pet food is one of the most difficult tasks, But that’s not true As to get some free items you always need to spend a little bit of time. Now without wasting much time let’s tell you the best 3 ways to get free pet food in coin master.

But before you start getting free pet food, make sure that you only use the fed your pet when you can play the game for a minimum 2 hours, If not then it will be a waste because once activated you cant deactivate your pet again. Also if you want to know more about Pets then you can read the Coin master pets guide.

Slot Machine

The slot machine is the best way to get free pet food in coin master, If you still don’t know about slot machine then it is the free machine placed on the Right side in Down, However, the slot machine is limited to only 24 hours, Which means if you have used the slot machine then you can’t spin it again for 24 hours. Sometimes if you are lucky enough then you will get Free pet food in coin master.

Regular calendar Rewards

Regular calendar rewards are the new rewards that have been launched by the Coin master game, basically to get rewards from the calendar you have to just log in to your game daily. each week the rewards are refreshed and it is continued for 1 month. So each week you can get around 1-2 times free food for pets in coin master.

Play Events

Events Like Raid Madness, Attack madness, and Joker tournament can give you Free food in coin master, But usually, this is the most difficult way to Get Free food because not everyone is so expert in the game that they can win events. So always try to Use the Two steps give above.

The best Pets In Coin master

There is nothing like the best pet in coin master, the only thing which you have to keep in mind is which pet you should use at which time. Below we will explain the uses of each pet and when you should choose them.

Foxy pet in Coin master: Foxy is the most easily available pet in coin master, Also you can upgrade fox with very little XP. The best use of foxy is when you are playing raid madness. When you Raid using foxy you can get up to 70%  more coins compared to when you raid without using foxy.

Tiger Pet in coin master: Tiger is also easy pet to hatch in coin master but its only useful when you try to attack and other player has enabled shield in their village. Frankly speaking, we prefer Foxy over the tiger because of the number of coins it brings.

Rhino Pet in coin master: Rhino is the most difficult pet to hatch in coin master, It can be only unlocked when you reach a higher level of villages in the game. The best use of this Pet is when you want to protect your village from getting attacked and raided. Since it is a powerful pet it can save your village from many attacks and raids.

When to Use Coin Master Pet Food?

If you manage to get free coin master pet food you should always use it when you are planning to play the game for more than 4 hours. As we already told you that once activated the pet cant be deactivated in between. So you should only feed your pet when you have free time and you can play the game for a minimum of 4 hours.

How to use Coin master pet food?

The pet food can be simply used by tapping on the pet or on the bottom left screen, There are two options enabled in the game out of which 1st one is the free one and the second one is the pet food which you have bought or you have won in any events.

So this was all about the easiest way to get Coin master pet food free, We hope this guide helped you. In case if you have any doubt feel free to write them down in the comments section below and our official team will reply to you very soon.

This article has been updated with the best ways to Get Free Pet Food on Coin Master for September 2021.

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