How to Get Free Xp in Coin Master {Pets Potions}

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Get Free Pet XP Potion in coin master

So do you want to get free pet XP in coin master? If yes, then you are at the right place. Today in this guide we will show you the best way to get free XP in coin master. If you don’t know about free XP in coin master then chances are that you might haven’t explored the pets and their powers.

Just like every other game, coin master also has XP which can be used to Upgrade your pet. The more XP you have the more powerful you can make it. The very first way to get them free is by using these coin master free spins links today which will give you lots of spins, and the second one is mentioned below.

There are basically three pets in the game, Mainly the Foxy, The tiger, and the Rhino. Every pet has some extraordinary powers and you can use only 1 pet at a time. Free XP potion for coin master is directly related to the number of awards you get, For example, if you are getting 1000 coins and your pet has the potential to get 23% more rewards then you can do the simple maths that you will get around 1230 spins or coins.

300k Xp free in coin master
300k XP free in coin master

XP potions in the game can be won by using spins which we have mentioned above in the post, If you are thinking about pets and their powers so below we have explained the Real powers of pets and When you should use a pet.

Foxy: Foxy is my Real favorite pet as it helps me a lot while raiding other villages, If you have foxy activated then you can get around 99% more rewards. I have used Free XP in coin master and upgraded my foxy to 120% which in return gives me around 45% more rewards.

Tiger: Tiger pet in coin master is also powerful but it takes a lot of Free potion in coin master to upgrade, the pet can be unlocked when you have completed all the sets in the beast card set. Tiger is most helpful when you try to attack someone’s village and they have protected it from the shield. Tiger breaks the shield and gives you some rewards.

Rhino: Basically rhino is a replacement to shield as it can protect your village from attacks When your rhino is activated no one can attack your villages no matter which power they have. Apart from protecting your village rhino has no other superpowers.

The pets can be only used for 4 hours after activating them, To activate the pet you also need Free pets food in the coin master. Which you can get from events and tournaments also.

Now Coming to the main Guide on How to Get Free XP potion for pets in coin master, it’s also pretty simple. All you need to do is just play the Game with maximum bets in coin master. One of the greatest times to play the game is during the raid madness when you will get many raids and after that, you can also play in attack madness which will offer you maximum attacks.

Below is an example of the Free XP potion awarded in the event, When you are in All wins X10 you will get around 10 times more than the amount of XP so always stack your spins and then play the game.

May players also start upgrading only 1 pet if they get a lot of XP potion, but that’s totally wrong. As we have already explained above Every pet is used for different purposes now if you have to go for a raid then you can choose the foxy and if you have to go for an attack then you should choose the tiger as a pet.

So you should always maintain an Equal balance with upgrading your pets, if you have 1000 XP then choose 60 for the pet which you use too much and 40 for the pet which is rarely used by you. Also, feed your pet when required because activating a pet for 4 hours without using is useless.

Rhyno should be used only when you think your friends are targeting you and you think you should block someone by a rhino. When a rhino is activated it will protect your village from getting attacked.

Getting Free Xp in Coin master is very easy after following this guide, You don’t need to do a lot of research because we have simply updated our guide with the best methods which are even working in 2022 also.

How do you Get a Free XP potion in Coin master?

If you also know any other way which can get us free potion, then please write in the comments section below. We will update your method in this guide as well. Also if you face any problems or you have doubts feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

This article has been updated with the best ways to get free XP in Coin Master for March 2022.

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