How to block attacks in Coin Master : Ultimate Ways

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Stop attacks in Coin Master Village

So do you want to Block attacks in the coin master game? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will show you the way to block attacks and raids in coin master easily. The game works this way only that either you raid another’s village or you get attacked by someone and they take all your coins and destroy your village. So in this guide, we will show you the easiest way to block attacks in the coin master game without the shield trick.

So basically you have to block your village if you don’t want it to get attacked by other players, Then you have to follow this guide till the end. One of the main plots of the game is to either attack your friends or enemies and this process works vice versa because your enemies will also play the same way of attacking and stacking up coins and spins. Now there are many ways with which you can protect your village like using your pet rhino which will prevent your villages from getting attacked but it’s not possible to make your rhino active all the time.

Start Building Village when you have enough coins

This is the best way to block attacks in coin master because, if you try to start making your village without having enough coins your friends or enemies might attack your village. So the first step you can do to protect your village from attacks is by building the village only when you can complete it in 1 go.

If you keep your village incomplete then there are 100% chances that your village might get attacked by others, Also it is not very sure that your pet will be able to save your village from attacks or raids. Also, Make sure that you try building your village in odd hours so that other players might not be playing the game at that time and you will be able to complete your village even when you don’t have enough coins.

Some more ways to block attacks in Coin Master

So if you know that Pets can be really live saviors when it comes to Raid and protect your village, So if you have a Pets like Rhyno then you can use it to protect your village. Whenever anyone will try to raid your village your Pet rhino will block your opponent by stopping it from Attack and raid.

Shields are the best way to Stop Attacks

Protecting the village from shields is the best you can use, Basically whenever you spin the spinner you will get shields, As of now you can only stack up to 3 shields at a time and if you get more than 3 shields then they will be converted into Spins. Shields are the official way of blocking attacks from strangers and your friends. Also if you don’t have enough Shield you can get some for free using these daily coin master free spins which you can use to roll the spinner at stack some shields for your village protection.

Block Raids in Coin Master game

Last but not the least, this trick is a little bit weird but it can really help you to Block raids in the coin master game, all you need to do is just ask your friends not to attack your village. Because most of the time Raiders are your friends and if you ask them not to raid you then can protect your village.

There are some official Steps that you can use to block attacks by following this guide, Also if an Attack is Friend specific then you can Block someone on coin master easily. Sometimes our friends target us and they start continuously attacking our villages in the game. When someone is attacking continuously then our village gets destroyed by them.

Adding fewer friends in the game is also a good option because if you have added friends in the game then you will be raided by them also, Always remember that your friends are also your competitors and just like you, they can also attack back.

So this was our guide on How to Protect your village from raids in the coin master game, So this was our guide on how to block attacks in the coin master game. Also if you know any tricks feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

This article has been updated with ultimate ways to Block Attacks in Coin Master for September 2021.

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  1. Please tell us something we don’t know about yet. Like why you already blocked someone but after few days still can attack you Constantly, one after the other.snd they goes on ghost mode.


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