Best Ways to play Mini tournaments in Coin Master

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Play Mini tournaments in Coin Master

The coin master game is all about playing and Building new villages in the game. The game circulates in and around between the free spins and coins. You can play mini-tournaments in coin master to get some XP, rare cards, Chests, free spins, free coins, and a lot more. There are many events in the game itself like Bet blast, cards booms, Raid madness, and attack madness. All the events are mostly similar to the coin master mini-tournaments and you get many things in this tournament.

Brief details on how tournaments work?

Basically, tournaments work the same as game tournaments, The minimum player limit of coin master tournaments is 50 players, So there must be at least 50 tournaments for this to work. First of all, you have to Get qualified for the minimum requirements to enter in a tournament. Once you are qualified enough you can enter the tournament. Basically, the group of the tournament will around 50 players and among them, only 10 will get price. Basically, these tournaments are held by moon active and you can play them to get some extra prices.

Are mini-tournaments worth Playing?

This question totally depends upon you because there are always fewer chances of winning this game. First of all, you have to qualify the minimum criteria needed to enter the tournament and after that, you have to play along with 50 different people which is a tough task. But still, if you want to play this game you can always play because sometimes taking a risk is better than settling in one place.

Don’t Want to Play Mini Tournaments?

It’s totally upon you that if you want to play coin master tournaments or not, But as we told you earlier that playing a tournament is a good way to try your luck and get a good amount of items to play the game, But if you don’t want to play a tournament you can try tricks of coin master which may help you to play extraordinary then other players.

  • Always make sure that you concentrate on the gameplay without using any special events and tournaments because the reason behind that is Events and tournaments are just temporary and they are a part of the game to make it interesting, however, it is always important that you keep playing the game so that you don’t forget the tactics you always use.
  • Make sure you don’t ignore the regular events and play them as usual because regular events have maximum chances of winning and they can help you in getting Prices higher than what usually the tournaments give, Also regular events don’t have 50 players so chances of your winning are more bright and you can win items and gifts.

Do we Play Mini Tournaments?

Yes, we do play mini tournaments but they are not favorites due to fewer Chances of winning, Also we focus more to get Daily free spins links If you also want to get you can get your free daily spins and avoid wasting time on the mini-tournaments. Also if you want to get notified for daily free spins you can bookmark our page and get notified for daily spins and links.

Many new Tournaments are released in the game now, As of now, the tournaments are giving maximum free XP and potions for pets. So if you are looking to upgrade your pets for free you can participate in the tournaments and get some XP free. A new reward calendar has been also released in the game which gives you rewards if you daily log in to the game.

If you also know any other tactics for playing the mini-tournaments then please write to us in the comments below and we will also update that for our users. If you have any doubts you can also askus and our official team will reply with a possible solution as soon as possible.

This article has been updated with the best ways to Play Mini Tournaments in Coin Master for September 2021.

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