Joker Tournament in Coin Master

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Coin Master Joker tournament

Joker tournament is not so famous in coin master as it is a new tournament but people have started showing interest in the new tournaments. the advantage of playing this tournament is that you will get joker card if you play this tournament. Joker card can be used to unlock card of your choice, as we already told you in the village 5 you can get of locked cards and to unlock them you need joker cards.

Most of the rare cards are locked and due to that you can’t redeem them unless you have joker cards, Now in this guide we will show you the best way to get joker card in coin master easily. However there is no trick for this but still we will show you the best way to get joker card free in coin master.

How to Get Joker card from Joker Tournament

As we already said that getting a joker card is not so much difficult and all you need to do is just keep playing the tournament. Joker tournament is no other then all different tournament, Still what makes it little bit special from others is that you can get many joker cards which can be used to unlock locked cards in coin master game.

In this tournament you have to play in the group of 50 people and you have to collect points, just like every time you will get points  for attacks and raids So try to attack and raid as much as you can. Just like any other tournaments this will also last for a short period of time and only 10 people who got the highest score in the tournament will be rewarded with joker card.

Some of the players might find the joker card not worthy of investment but just think that you can unlock locked cards which are very rare and not everyone is able to get that card. All you need to get joker card free is just some spins, some coins and your pet to get extra rewards. So choice is yours.

Sure Shot way to Win Joker card everytime

No tournament is easy to play in coin master and just like that this event is also difficult, There are many people who have lots of stacks of locked cards and they want to unlock them so they join these tournaments. Now just think that all users want to win joker card in coin master which makes it a little bit difficult. To win this tournament you have to play using these tricks and there are chances that you will be able win it.

Trick to get joker card in coin master

First and foremost thing which you need to keep in mind is that this tournament needs to be played strategically, which means that don’t play this tournament if you dont have enough time to spend on this. To play the tournament you should have a good stack of spins, if you are out of spins then you can get these daily free spins and play the tournament.

Compared to other tournaments the joker tournament is slightly longer then other tournaments and most of the players don’t know the secret that it is always advised to play this tournament in the last hours becasue at that time there are maximum chances of winning the game. When playing the tournament always see at which position you stand for instance you are at position 5 and players below have a margin of just 3000 points then stop playing the tournament for a short span and then come after some time to win the joke card tournament.

Quit to play if you are not near top 10

Playing a tournament costs you both, loss of time and loss of coins and spins. So it is always recommended that you stop playing the tournament if you are not near top 10. Thousands of play the tournament at a time and it is impossible for every player to come in top 10. So to avoid the loss of your coins and spins it is recommended that you quit playing the tournament if you dont have enough points and you are running out of coins and spins.

You May loose a Good amount of Coins and Spins in Joker tournament

You might have heard that you can’t achieve success untill you take risk, The same goes in tournaments held by coin matser. You have to always loose a good amount of spins and coins from your account. Not only this but it also takes a lot of time to play these events and tournaments. Just like tournaments there are two more events Attack madness and raid madness which can also cost you good amount of coins and spins. However if you win these events you will realize that taking risk for these was worth it.

How to Use Joker Card in Coin Master

Mnay people win the joker card but still they dont know the exact way to use joker card in coin master game, no card is permanent in the game so this card also has its expiry date. So to use joker card you have to go to the card section on the home screen there you will see list of sets which are completed and not completed. Not if you wish to complete any set just tap on that and choose use joker card option.

What Strategy to win Joker tournament do you use ?

Every player has their own strategy to win joker cards, just like that many players play the game their way and they explore some hidden tactics to win the tournaments. if you are also the one who won the joker card then please do write in the comments section below with how did you get joker card in coin master.

So this was all about the best way to win coin master joker card. we hope this guide helped you, Incase if yu have any problem you can write to us in the comments section below.

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