Mesa Prime Build – The Gunslinger of Warframe

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If you are a Warframe player you will by this time know that the Mesa is one of the finest Warframes in the game because of its versatilities as DPS and support. In this post, we are going to discuss everything about Mesa Prime Build and talk a bit about the world of Warframe too. Warframe is one of the outstanding third-person shooter games which is also recognized for its fast-paced gameplay. Warframe is being played by millions of players everywhere, and it is also made available for various platforms including XBOX, Play Station, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Although this game was initially published in the year 2013, it was not a smash amidst the critics and gamers too. But ever since Nintendo Switch started its succession in the world of gaming, this has been a successful title overall.

With that being said, let us talk about the elephant of the show itself, Mesa Prime Build. Mesa, as mentioned earlier, is one of the finest and most rated Warframe characters we could say. The main characteristic here is that it can easily decimate enemies easily regardless of enemy level. Mesa Prime Build and vanilla build will also have the ability to crowd control enemies with a shooting gallery and block incoming damage with a shatter shield. Basically, we can do Mesa Prime Build and her regulators in two ways. The first way is without Forma and the other one with Forma. So without any further ado, let us get started with Mesa Prime build guide.

0 Forma Mesa Prime Build and Regulators Prime Build

The Mesa Prime Build with 0 Forma can both survive and clear the enemies with ease. At least one Arcane Velocity is an absolute must as it greatly increases the DPS of Mesa’s regulators and survival ain’t a big deal here. Energy Management is comparatively easy, courtesy of the high duration which reduces the number of times you will have to reduce shooting galleries and shattering shields. In higher-level content shooting CC is extremely useful for overall survival. The three main characteristics here are that Ability Strength, Fleeting Expertise, and Ability Range.

As for the 0 Forma Regulators prime build, it can overkill enemies below level 100 and most enemies above 100 and since this is practically the only circumstance starts to slow down. You can use the pistol pestilence coupled with an unranked pathogen round as there are more different chances for corrosive procs. Alternatively, if you are with a squad that is using corrosive projection you can consider a viral or radiation build. With that being said, let us discuss the 3 Forma Mesa Prime Build.

4 Forma Mesa Prime Build

The major benefit of this build is that we can use Corrosive Projection. You can also use rank 10 Umbral Vitality and the most important of these changes are by far the aura polarity slot for a corrosive projection. When talked about the Exilus slot there is quite a bit of contest on whether Mesa Waltz is worth space or not. According to a reputed media laying through the rooms and shooting everything in sight is more than adequate.

We also can use the Mesa Waltz and its enemy sense. Talking about the amps here, amps are initially used for taking down Eidolon shields on the plains of eidolon and testing the resistance of sentients and stalkers. Apart from this, their use is very limited and restricted considering the fact that the operators are kind of squishy outside of the void model the overall amp damage doesn’t scale up that much to take down the high-level enemies. Moreover, the preliminary uses for amps are that to take down Eidolon shields which basically are immune to all other types.

Amps are generally are constructed of three components namely The Prism, The Scaffold, and the Brace. Well, in this case, the prims circumscribe the primary fire of the amp whereas the scaffolds determine the secondary ones. These can vary from single targetted beams to explosive AoE grenades. All the amps, in general, consume their own energy bar instead of consuming the ammo, so recharge stats affect the regeneration of this energy bar.


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This article has been updated with the latest guide on Mesa Prime Build, The Gunslinger of Warframe for September 2021.

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