More than 100 Player Can Raid You Now

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Over 100 players can now raid you

Now in a new update Over 100 players can raid you, this might sound very Cool and scary as well but believe it or not, this is one of the best updates in the history of coin master games. Now when there are so many players who can raid you, it is very risky as well. Because if you have stacked a good amount of Coins, then the chances are that other players who are looking for free coins and spins may raid your village to get all your Chest and coins you saved in your village.

More than 50 players can now raid you

Also, 50 players can raid you now, So to play this game you need more coins and to need more coins you need daily free spins so we will recommend you to get more spins and stack a good amount of coins so that you can also make your own village without any problem, But just with the tricks coin master has kept some limitations in which you can’t stack up a large number of Coins and Spins. Coin Master has made a rule in which you can’t stock many coins and spins together and if you try to stock you will get a warning on the screen.

Increase in the Amount of Raid

So just with the new update from coin master, there are chances that you might get raided a lot now, if you have stocked a large amount then you might get raid very fast and within no time you might see that your stacks are getting low with the time passing by so it is always recommended that you don’t stock too much amount of spins and coins in your account.

Get notified for new Free Spin Links

Just like every time we say, you can get notified of new free spin links by bookmarking our page or just allowing us o send push notifications to you, By doing this you will get Free spins and coins whenever we update them in our database, So all you need to do is just tap on the star at the URL bar and save this as coin master free spins daily.

Also if you have any doubt you can just comment down below and if you want to know that how you can get free spins, so all you need to do is just go to the free spins page on our websites, there you will get a list of Last 3 days free spins and coins. Now open your app and while the app is open you can tap on that link, As soon as you tap on that you will get around 10-50 free spins and a lot of coins to play the game.

How much Maximum amount of Coin Can you Stack?

So many users might get a warning while playing this game because there is a limit set by the Coin master mechanism which will stop you from stocking more coins. So for example if you are at stage 150 then the limit of coins you can store is 170 billion, so that’s good because by doing this every player gets a chance to build their own village and play this game.

Block People From Attacking Your Village

See this game is all about people raiding you or you raiding their villages so this is true that you can’t block people from raiding you or your village but you can decrease the chances of your village getting raid. so the thing you have to do to minimize the chances of your village getting raid is to play the game until you get a warning, So if you reach level 100 so there are many fewer chances that there must be many players who are at level 100 and therefore it reduces your chance of getting raided.

Maximum Amount of Coins Before you Get a warning

See this is not Confirmed yet because this mainly depends on the way of playing Coin master, Suppose you play a lot and their bots assume that you aren’t playing well so chances are that they might give you a warning very soon, But this can be confirmed by if you all guys help us to comment down below at which level you are getting the warning.

So this was all about the new updates of this Coin Master game, we hope this guide helped you in getting more information about how to minimize chances of getting a raid. We hope this guide helped you. Also if you have any type of doubt you can comment down below in the comments section.

This article has been refreshed with all the new updates in Coin Master for September 2021.

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