Real Power of Pets in Coin Master Game

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Pets in Coin Master – Ultimate tricks

Many of you Might not Know that coin master pets tricks are the most underrated tricks, reason is that because we don’t know how coin master pets trick can work for us to make our village building faster, there are many advantages like if your pet is active you can double the number of coins you got from someone else’s village. The concept works like you and your Pets are considered as two different players and when you both raid at someone’s village you both get an equal amount of rewards in your coin master account. So this is how this works, below we will tell you some of the unexplored tricks which you guys can use.

List of Pets Available in coin master

In this Pets of Coin master list, we will tell you about the most popular pets of Coin master, basically, there are 3 Pets Available in the game as per the official Website. So below we will tell you about the pet’s name and its advantages for you.

  • Pet 1:) Tiger: Tiger is the First pet which is available in the game, At the initial stage, you get a very simple tiger for you in the game, But as your level goes up you can evolve the tiger. When you play with your tiger and attack someone’s village you get some extra amount of rewards. You can also take advantage of your tiger while stacking up for coins, Also just a pro tip from our side is that you should always use this tiger while Attack madness.
  • Pet 2:) Foxy: So just like the tiger, You get the initial version of the foxy every week however just when you play and your village’s level increases your foxy also evolves. The Main use of foxy is to get an advantage during the raid, if your foxy is Active then you might get up to 99% extra coins which is a huge number. Raids are so wonderful that they can give you up to 10 Billion coins in 1 single raid. So always play wisely to get such a large number of raids.
  • Pet 3:) Rhyno: So the third pet is the Rhyno. There is something different in Rhyno compared to other pets and that is, Rhyno is always stronger compared to the other 2 pets in the game, Also Rhyno is different because it is a Security type pet for your Village. Always use Rhyno when you don’t have enough coins to complete your village. Doing this Will protect your Village from all other attacks and you will get Shield protection.

Start Hatching Your Pets

So there is a twist while using your pet is and that is that you can’t directly use your pet while playing the game, To use your pet you have to Hatch them first. All of the pets aren’t available for you to play from the 1st village, However Foxy is the easiest among all of them which you can use to hatch. So when you reach Village number 4 you can start hatching Foxy. Just like I mentioned earlier that all the pets aren’t readily available so you have to complete all the Village cards first to start hatching other pets like Tiger and Rhyno. Also if you are Confused that how would you know if your pet is unlocked or not, So you will get a notification in your Message section that the pet is ready to hatch.

To Get Maximum Power always Upgrade your pets

While you start playing the game you get the most weaker form of your pet, now when you use weak pet it is easier for other players to defeat them, So we always recommend you to upgrade your pet to the fullest whenever possible. Upgrading pets will not only help you to get some extra coins and rewards but you will also be able to get extra protection for your village while using pets like Rhyno. The best way to use pets and to Upgrade them is by feeding them regularly. once you feed your pet it will remain active for a time period of 4 hours. Also Once Your pet is active you can’t stop because the 4 hours time span is Consecutive and can’t be used later.

Get notified for new Free Spin Links daily

Being a Player of Coin master we also understand that how much it is important for you guys to get Free spins and Coins. So if you want to get Free spins and Coins in Coin master you can Bookmark our page by tapping on the Star option or you can also enable notifications from our Site to get notified about the latest spins and Links.

How to Get Free Foxy, free Rhyno, and Free tiger every day

Normal Pets work for 4 hours consecutively once activated, But there is Also another way with which you can activate your pets daily for 15 minutes, You can also use any pet of your choice. When you play the game you will get a green pet food coin on the master slot screen which you can redeem to get Any pet of your choice but only for 15 minutes. We will recommend you to use this Pet food only when you will play the game for 15 minutes at least because once the Feed is given you can’t revert back.

Test Real Power of your Pets

So below I will tell you all the best tactics which we use to get maximum from our pets i.e from Foxy, tiger, and Rhyno.

Use Foxy if Going for Raid madness

Foxy is used to get a Double amount of coins while raiding, the more upgraded your foxy is the more amount of Coins you will. You must already know that Coins are the most important factor of the Coin master game. So it is always recommended that you upgrade your Foxy first so that you can stack a good amount of coin in your account first. Each Raid can give you up to 10 billion coins for every raid. Foxy is more powerful than tiger because while raiding tiger can give you up to 1.5 million coins but foxy can give up to 10 billion which is a great number.

Tiger is Powerful for a limited time

Every Pet is desired and Made for its action Like foxy can be used to get many coins in one go, the tiger can be used to Raid. A pro player who is playing This game, for many days can use foxy but if you don’t know much about the Raid tactics then we will recommend you use Tiger instead of foxy. However, if you are planning to raid with the tiger make sure you use these Free spins, using them will get you some extra coins and free spins.

Rhyno is the most Powerful when protecting Village

Just like Tiger and Foxy, Rhyno is also Desired for its work and Rhyno’s work is to protect your village from getting Raid and attacked by other players. when you Upgrade your Rhyno it increases its power and you can protect your village. Just a pro tip that you should only Upgrade your Rhyno while you are out of coins and you can’t complete building your village. Once you keep your village incomplete there are many chances that your village might get raided and you might end up losing all the coins and amount.

How to Play Coin Master?

So if you are a new player who has just started playing this game, We will say that you should use Some tricks to play this game because in the new recent updates now over 100 players can raid you at a single time, So if 100 players are raiding together you might end up losing your village in a very short time. So we will just recommend you to use your pets wisely and Build your village easily.

Getting a Rhyno is most difficult, but now after the recent updates, you can complete a set of cards in your game and enjoy using rhino as an alternative to the shield. Rhyno can protect your village for up to 4 hours if you feed him this Free pet food in coin master. So always try to play when you can use Rhyno for a minimum of 4 hours.

So this was all about How to Use your pets wisely. In this guide, we have explained all about the ways to Use your Pets to get the most out of them and also How and when To Upgrade them. We hope this guide helped you. In case if you have any doubt feel free to write them down in the comments section below.

This article has been updated with the latest Pet Tricks in Coin Master for September 2021.

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