Best Events to Stack Spins and Coins

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Stack Large amount of Coins and Spins

There are many events in the games, the basic motive of events is to give extra items to their players like free spins, some shields and other things as an bonus. Basically there are 2 events which are the most popular and they are called as attack madness and raid madness. But apart from that you might have heard about tournaments and other events which are held in the coin master game.

In the tournaments you can complete your missions very fast compared to playing the game in normal mode and if you also complete the three rare items in the game like ice cream, diamonds so you will get upto 10x more times spins and coins you bet for. Usually events are hard to play and not every one can play events and complete them but in this guide we will show you the best way to play events and stack coins and spins in the game.

How to play special events in Coin Master

Many people never find the way to play special events in coin master game, In this guide we will show you the easiest way to Play special events in coin master game and stack a good amount of coins and free spins. The events are held by coin master team it self therefore you can go the the official page of coin master and there you will find a detailed guide on how to enroll yourself in coin master game Special events.

Special Events Rewards List

The only bad thing about coin master game is that you actually don’t know what you will get after winning in the events, because the only way to check what you will get after winning is by going to Facebook groups and there looking for the prize they will give to the winners. There are many people who help each other in the game and that’s why they have created a list of events and when to play and when to not play the game.

Sometimes you cannot complete the mission due to your spins get over, If this is the same case with you then you can these daily free spins and use them while you are on the verge of playing a mission.

Best tricks to Get Maximum from Events

Basically this event is about speed, the more speedly you play there are more chances that you will win the event. At a time you can upto 3 items as pize in row, So when you are getting 3 items in 1 row just imagine you can get so much if you play there events faster, There are several tricks with which you can also play this game and achieve higher success but all you need to play is by mind. Below is a secret tip which will surely help you to achieve higher success in the game.

There is a pattern in which, 1 raid will be followed by 3 attacks and this continues on that you will get 1 raid and 3 attacks so always keep this in mind while playing in coin master game. Also, there are chances that this pattern might change so always look for what is the pattern and play according to that. You can get many coins and stack them if you follow this guide.

Some more new events and Cards are also added in the Game, You can Now stack a huge amount of coins and cards in the game and later you can use them to make villages and Build Objects.

Play From Different Styles in event

Its totally upon you that which event you are planning to play or not, if you don’t want to play any specific event then you can always avoid it and you can move on waiting for the other event to come. Also just make sure that you bookmark our page to get all information about coin master game and its all events.

Also as we always say that sharing is caring, Make sure you write what tactics you use while playing this game. Also if you have any type of doubt you can always write to us in the comments section below and we will surely help you.

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