Best Way to trade Gold in Coin Master game

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Gold trade tactics that really work in Coin Master

Gold Cards and Gold trade are some of the most expensive things in the coin master game, getting a gold card in the coin master game is not an easy job, reason of that is gold cards are very rare and in case you get a Golden card in the game you are very lucky because golden cards will give you a lot of coins and spins in your account and you don’t need to stack large amounts of coins and spins if you have a golden card in your account because you can use that anytime you want.

Start with your friends to Trade Gold cards

Before you plan to trade gold cards with anyone else, Just cross-check with your friends if they have one, Trading Gold cards in coin master is good and you can also ask your game friends to share Gold cards if they have some pending or they have free. If you get a Golden card from your friend you will find it in the items option of the game.

Facebook is also Good to trade Gold cards

There are a lot of Facebook groups that are named on the basis of this game, So the first warning which we would like to give to our Friends is that always use Group only when you trust them. Second thing is that you can find many players in the groups who are ready to Trade gold cards for coin master with you. So you can see according to that and get some cards for your self, Also we will suggest you always use any admin in between while dealing online.

Benefits of Exchanging Other cards for 1 Gold card

See there are basically two types of cards in the game, 1 is the simple card and you can get plenty of Simple cards in the game as they are very much common and you can get as many as you want, the second one is the Golden card which is extremely rare and you won’t get them very usual. So this is the reason that many people are ready to exchange simple cards in exchange for the 1 golden card.  So if you find anyone who is giving you a free coin master gold card in exchange for simple cards you can brag that deal.

Is it wise to Give a Gold card in return for Rare Cards?

In the new recent updates, coin master has released new cards which are rare cards, So basically there are Simple gold cards and Golden rare cards. Now when you have a rare card we will always recommend you to keep it because it is like saving and you can use them whenever you want to use them but if you have many golden cards then you can exchange them for rare cards, also it is totally upon your luck on what you get while you redeem your gold cards and scratch cards.

How much Gold Card Values

First of all, you should understand that cards can give you unlimited coins and rewards which you can’t get normally, If you are a fan of free spins then definitely you can go with free daily spins links which will help you to get some rewards without using cards. Now if we talk about the Value of a Gold card so basically there are 4-5 cards that are very rare like Zeus and Unicorn from Mythical, Montezuma from Tribe are very rare and they retain a very high value in the game so if you get them you should keep them for the right use.

Oak Cauldron from Forest are rare cards but they are less rare when compared to cards like Zeus, unicorn, Montezuma so you should also save them but you might them very often while playing the game. Other cards are not rare in the game and there are many players and users in the Facebook groups who are ready to share or exchange these cards for free.

How to Trade Gold Cards in Coin Master

You Should keep playing the game if you can not trade gold cards, Usually the best way to get Free gold cards in the game is by playing it and trying your luck. You can get a gold card more often when you play the game for many hours.

In Current events, Gold cards are easily available for users. However, if you are planning to trade your cards then you can now trade them for around 75 stars. The time limit to trade cards has been increased to 48 hours and you cant start trading again before that.

These are so far the best ways with which you can Trade gold cards in coin master, They are working fine even in 2o22 march. Coin master recently updated their servers but out Guide is helping many users.

So this was all about Gold cards and how to trade them for free, I hope this guide helped you to understand the basics of this game and how to exchange cards in the game. In case, you face any doubt feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

This article has been updated with the best ways to Trade Gold in Coin Master Game for March 2022.


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