Coin Master Village 5 : The Ultimate Treasure of Golden Cards

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Village 5 is the Magical Village in Coin Master

Villages in coin master have very important role, as you collect all the coins to build your villages so directly or indirectly villages are the most important part of coin master game which can’t be ignored. Whenever you complete any village you get many spins and coins for free, and if you have activated the bet in that time then you can get many more things.

As soon as you complete all the villages you get some extra items every time, First of all you will be rewarded with multiplier which will get you upto 3 spins, Now you will get daily bonus coins, Then you will get autospin events activated on your account and slowly slowly you will get extra items every time you complete a new village.

Now if you are a pro player in the game, you need to collect all the cards for your collection to get completed and also you need to complete the village 5 because it is the village where you can get allmost all the cards which are rare and not easily available.

You need to Unlock cards in coin master

When you start playing the game you will start getting big rewards as soon as you reach new levels, There are several ways with which you can get free cards like you can buy cards using coins, You are gifted cards for completing village, You get cards while raiding and digging holes.

Usually cards are unlocked in coin master but as being said that village 5 in coin master is a magical village so you may or may not find unlocked card in Village 5. Now you might think how you can unlock the card which you got in village 5 so you have to complete the villages and as soon as reach more up villages then your cards will automatically get unlocked.

Village 5 is the Main Village of Cards

Village 5 is the treasure of cards in coin master game, some users don’t like village 5 because they think that unlocked cards are not worth to invest but if you ask us unlocked cards are easily available and are not as much as rare the locked cards are. So here is simple maths the more easily card is available the less rare it will be. if a card is rare and hard to get then it may get you a good amount of coins and other things in return.

Now to get the maximum out of village 5 you have to keep buying multiple chests in this village itself and if you are lucky enough you will get a good amount of coins and free spins in the account. So make sure you spend more time in the village 5 and keep buying chests again and again.

Why Village 5 is so important

Village 5 is the first village in the game for starters where they start getting rare cards and other things,  This is the village where you start getting extra spins, Xp for your pets, Some rare cards, many coins and a lot of things . So it is always advice that you concentrate on the village number 5. Many people think that they are playing the game very good if they are complete villages very fast, But that’s tottaly wrong because completing villages without collecting all the levels is just like show off and you are not playing the game right way.

Collect Free Spins For Future

If you don’t have spins you can’t play this game and if you have many spins then you can super bet in the game upto 20X, if you win 2,00,000 in the spins then it will be multiplied with 20X so just imagine that you are getting a good amount of coins which can be used to buy cards and other things in the game. If you are out of spins in the game you can always get free spins and play the game further. Once the village is completed then you can start playing again because once you win you get around 25 spins in your account.

There are many options with which you can bet in the game. Super bet starts from 3x which can be increased till 20x depending on the amount of spins you have . Suppose you have just 20 spins then you won’t be able to play super bet.

If you collect a full set of cards you can get upto 17,000 free spins and billions of coins, Only thing which you need to do is just keep on playing the village number 5 and stacking your spins. You can directly jump to many villages if you complete a card set.

Is Staying at village number 5 worth

This question completely depends upon you because it may be worth for some of the people and may be not worth for some, However as per my personal experience If you spend extra time on village 5 than it will be worth spending because i did the same and i got around 15,000 free spins and 3 billion coins which helped me to go to village 26 directly.

So this was all about the village 5 in coin master, we hope this guide helped you. incase if you have any doubt feel free to write down in the comments section below. We will get back to you soon.

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