Warframe Best Amps Guide and their Combinations

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Warframe amps

Best warframe amp guide is here: Warframe is one of the most graphic-intense shooter games which was made available in the year 2013. As you would already know amps are unlocked after you are done with the second dream quest and gain the capability of switching between your operator and Warframe modes. Well, if you are not sure, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about the Warframe and discuss its Amps and their combinations as well. Read this article until the very end to understand what all this commotion is about.

Well, the main reason we are covering this topic is that Warframe is being played by millions of players around the globe and it is one such game that is made available with the same senses for all the major platforms. Warframe is available for PC, Xbox, Play Station, and Nintendo Switch as well. Considering its popularity there are a lot of questions that are still unanswered. Although there are a lot of websites covered this topic, this will be the place you will get clarity. So, without any further ado, let us get started with Warframe and its amps.

So as mentioned in the intro space, amps are unlocked after you complete the second dream quest and gain the capacity of switching between your operator and Warframe modes. The first amp which anyone would get is the Mote Amp. This particular amp will be received as a reward for initiating the Quills Syndicate Quest. Although the game gives you a simple explanation about what amps are about and what you will have to do, but, not completely. Sooner or later, the game leaves it on you that you will have to figure out the stuff eventually.

What is Amp in Warframe and its uses?

So, in simpler words, Amps are weapons that only the operator can wield in general. These are initially used for taking down Eidolon shields on the plains of eidolon and testing the resistance of sentients and stalkers. Apart from this, their use is very limited and restricted considering the fact that the operators are kind of squishy outside of the void model the overall amp damage doesn’t scale up that much to take down the high-level enemies. Moreover, the preliminary uses for amps are that to take down Eidolon shields which basically are immune to all other types.

Amps are generally are constructed of three components namely The Prism, The Scaffold, and the Brace. Well, in this case, the prims circumscribe the primary fire of the amp whereas the scaffolds determine the secondary ones. These can vary from single targetted beams to explosive AoE grenades. All the amps, in general, consume their own energy bar instead of consuming the ammo, so recharge stats affect the regeneration of this energy bar.

Prisms Tier List

Tier 1: Raplak Semi-Automatic and long-range. Other features include Precise Hit Scan
Tier 2: Shwaak This is also a Semi-Automatic, Medium range. Other features here include Punch Through Projectile
Tier 3: Granmu Multi-shot grenade burst
Tier 4: Rahn Fully automatic and powerful and other features include long-range shots
Tier 5: Cantic  A fine-cut pavilion married to a shutter governed which allows for the rapid yet economical fire
Tier 6: Lega Releases an incendiary attack that damages over time
Tier 7: Klamora  Short-range wide-angle energy release

Scaffolds Tier List

Tier 1: Pencha Charged beam, identical to arca plasmor
Tier 2: Shraksun Short Range flak grenade with punch through
Tier 3: Klebrik Continous Homing Beam
Tier 4: Phahd Powerful shots bounce between targets
Tier 5: Exard Burst fire grenade launcher
Tier 6: Dissic Lob a powerful fragmentary explosive charge
Tier 7: Propa Throws out a large proximity mine that is triggered by passing foes

Braces Tier List

Tier 1: Clapkra +40 amp
Tier 2: Juttni – 1 second amp recharge delay
Tier 3: Lohrin +12 % amp critical and status chance
Tier 4: Anspatha +20amp energy pool
Tier 5: Suo +100 Amp energy
Tier 6: Plaga -20 Amp energy pool
Tier 7: Certus +20 % critical

What is Warframe?

Warframe is one of the graphic-intense shooter and melee combat games. It is a free game that is published and maintained by Digital Extremes. This is one of the games creating companies headquartered in Canada and has also been a part of various titles from Epic Games as well. Talking about the game Warframe, it was primarily only announced for Windows devices, PC’s in precise back in the year 2013. You can Also Get Warframe promo codes which you can use to get some items free in the game. After gaining a few digits, the game made its way to the world of XBOX in the year 2014.

And lastly, the developers made it available for Nintendo Switch and it has quickly become one of the highest-grossing titles in the Nintendo world. Now, the company is all set to port the game to Play Station 4 and the latest XBOX X-Series, once made available. Talking about the gameplay, the game starts with the players controlling the Tenno worries who will be awoken from centuries of cryosleep far into piles of earth future and find ended up at a war.

The Tenno users their wireframes along with a variety of weapons and abilities to finish the missions. The gameplay of the Warframe packs in melee adventures and attacks, parkour, and also everyone’s favorite role play as well. With the updates, the developers did include large open worlds similar to massively multiplayer online games as new maps too.


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This article has been updated with the Best Amps Guide and Their Combinations for September 2021.

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